37th Irish Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous

27-29 OCT 2023 - Stormont Hotel, Belfast



2023/07/24 - Restaurant Booking.

The hotel restaurant, La Scala Bistro, offers a reservation system. We have been informed by the hotel events manager that it is possible, and highly recommended, to reserve a meal in advance using their website, in order to avoid disappointment. (Please note: NA is not affiliated with La Scala Bistro, the Stormont Hotel, or any other organisations.) The banquet dinner will be held on the Saturday, so outside of this, it is advisable to plan – a list of local restaurants will be posted here soon.

2023/07/24 - Banquet £37 per person.

The price that the hotel has given us for the banquet is £37 per person. Advance ticketing for both the banquet (which is occurring on Saturday), and registration for the weekend, is currently available. Banquet tickets will also be available for purchase at the convention.

2023/07/16 - Registration £20 for Weekend (Fri-Sun)

Advance registration tickets for Friday through to Sunday are now available to purchase for £20. (please click here). Registration will also be available at the convention.

2023/06/09 - Convention Committee Email Address.

For any queries related to the Irish Regional Convention of NA 37, Belfast, 2023, please contact ircna37@na-ireland.org.

2023/05/12 - Quote Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Convention when booking.

When booking your accommodation, please bear in mind that the weekend has been “block booked” for the NA convention. This means that there is no availability, unless you reference “NA Convention” or “Narcotics Anonymous Convention” when booking.

tel: +442890651066

e: conf2@stor.hastingshotels.com

2023/04/08 - Hotel booking email address for members outside the UK and Ireland.

If you would like to book accommodation in the convention venue and are overseas – email may be the best method of communication.

Members can contact the hotel at this email address to book a room (alternatively, the hotel can always be reached by telephone).

Europa Bus Centre / Great Victoria Street Station

Regular Glider G1 bus service (36 min. journey inc. 11 min. walking).

Lanyon Place Train Station, Belfast

Regular Glider G1 bus service (25 min. journey inc. 11 min. walking).

More will be revealed...

NA is not affiliated with TicketTailor, Google, Stormont hotel or any other organisations.
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