NA Meetings throughout the Northern Area

(Counties: Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh & Tyrone)

Virtual meetings (blue), physically reopened meetings (orange), and hybrid meetings (purple) are viewable below.

For navigating to a physical meeting – using the Map button will provide you with precise GPS co-ordinates.

As of Tuesday 7th June 2022 We now have an Open Format meeting of NA in Belfast – Please select “Open” from the rightmost “Format” drop down menu to find this. It operates on the first Tuesday of every Calendar month at 77 University Street Belfast.

“Open” NA meetings are just that—open to anyone who wants to attend. Some groups have open meetings once a month to allow nonaddict friends and relatives of NA members to celebrate recovery anniversaries with them. Groups that have open meetings may structure their format in such a way that opportunities for participation by nonaddicts are limited only to short birthday or anniversary presentations. Such a format allows the meeting to retain its focus on recovery shared one addict to another. It should be made clear during the meeting that NA groups do not accept monetary contributions from nonaddicts. – From The Group Booklet

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