Previous events

01/JAN/24 - S@6 Group - Speaker Jam

27-29/OCT/23 - IRCNA37 Belfast

Click here for event page (expired).

A big thank you to everyone who was of service at the convention and to everyone who attended the event both in person and online. Our message is Hope. We Do Recover!


09/SEP/23 - Unity Day, Newry

Click here for event page (expired). Thank you to all who participated and served, ILS, Unity Day Committee

25/JUN/22 - Unity Day, Belfast

“Spirit of Unity”

Northern Area of Ireland Unity Day, 77 University Road, Belfast.

Thank you to all who were part of our NA Unity Day! In Loving Fellowship, Unity Day Committee.

20/MAR/22 - Speaker Jam, Virtual

“The Steps are our Solution”

Northern Area of Ireland Virtual Speaker Jam, Steps 12 through 1 (reverse order).

You can find the recordings of our 20/MAR/22 speaker jam here (the password is: Steps=Solution).


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